Presenting India's biggest digital platform that will enable children to directly learn from the top-notch Singers, Poets and many more. Children will be able to harness the technology to hone their artistic skills, showcase their talent and take the world by storm! Come on children, the stage is all yours - we have bought the world in your reach. It's time to do what you love, its time to live your dreams & bring the world to your feet! Just follow these 3 easy steps!

Step # 1: Choose the activity that's nearest to your heart.

Step # 2: Hone your skills from the top-notch professionals directly.

Step # 3: Upload your Videos and get ready for the applauds from the world!

Are you ready?


We're Here to Add Wings to Your Dreams

India has changed drastically over the last few years and so have the children! Today's kids are truly bright, immensely talented, multi-taskers, very confident & have high aspirations. They want more from life. They want to learn & flaunt their skills. They aren't afraid to aim for the Stars. They want to Rise & Shine and charm the world through their Artistic Skills and nothing can stop them now! Children - the world is eagerly waiting for your arrival, choose your love now!

Who We Are

We are a bunch of educators, psychologists, artistes, sports enthusiasts, and believers! We're connected by a common goal of helping children do what they love! Today's kids are truly bright, immensely talented, multi-taskers, confident & they have high aspirations. All they need is the right guidance, a cool platform and a generous dose of encouragement. ActivSportz, a Social Venture, happens to be a humble endevour in that direction! Meet the team here.

What We Believe

We believe that every child is equal & should get equal opportunities irrespective of his/her financial status, ethnicity or gender. Every child has hidden artistic talent(s) and they should get equal opportunities to hone, polish & showcase those talent(s). We also believe that Education isn't Education until it includes Activities, Sports, Life Skills, Volunteering & some Fun! 

What We're Upto

ActivSportz is probably the best thing to happen to Schooling, since Schooling! We innovated and created a digital platform through which the children will be able to connect to the top-notch professionals (Mentors), learn from them, hone their skills and showcase their skills to Rise & Shine & charm the world! For 360-degree child development, we have included Free Life Skills training sessions in every module.

How Are We Going To Do It

We're on a mission to accomplish the dreams of today's children. We will harness the technologies and internet to directly connect the Professionals (Mentors) with the students through our proprietary video sessions as well as face to face sessions (depending on the module) so that students get to learn from professionals, hone their skills and shine like a STAR themselves! Children - get ready to captivate the world!

Why Us

Because we’re different and love doing things differently! No one else does what we're doing! We want to see children Rise & Shine through their Artistic Skills & Sporting Talents! While everyone is creating platforms to cater to studies, we have created an Innovative Digital Platform to hone the inherent talents out of every child! ActivSportz + Schooling = 360 Degree Development. Get enrolled for FREE now!