Activities for a 360-degree Development

Music (Vocal)


The children will be mentored by the best-in-class singers via Videoconferencing as well as intermittent contact classes. That means not only children will get a chance to learn finer points from the top-notch professional singers but they also stand a chance to share the stage with them in the Annual Day! League winners will also stand a chance to record their song in a Studio! 

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Creative Writing (English/Local Language)


If you have flair to write and are looking to hone your writing skills further, this could be your best chance to learn the intricacies of writing. You will learn from the professionals the nuances of creative writing. Most suitable for future bloggers, copywriters, novelists, columnists, journalists, playwrights or screenplay writers. 

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Poetry (English or local language)


If you have an inclination of playing with the words and love rhyming, don't let your talent die a slow death! Enroll in this module to transform yourself into a complete poet. Our professional poets will share the insights into ways of finding inspirations, types of poetry, the best time for writing, the secrets of their success and much more.

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Creative Photography


 "A picture is worth a thousand words" is an age-old English adage that is even more relevant today. With the advent of Mobile Phone Cameras, Social Media coupled with the ever-increasing high-speed internet connectivity, creative photography opens up many doors that can fulfill your creative dreams. Learn the tips & tricks from the best-in-class mentors!  This module will be delivered via videoconferencing + intermittent contact classes. Love photography? Get enrolled here! 

Professional Painting


If you love to express yourself through the colours on a drawing page, it's time to expand your horizon and reach out to a BIG canvas! Learn the intricacies from the professional painters. Your passion coupled with the professional guidance will help you to become a professional yourself! The world is eagerly waiting for the new masterpieces! This module will be delivered via videoconferencing + intermittent contact classes.

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Introducing All-New Uni Sports



A Sport doesn't only mean fun but through sports, you unknowingly learn many Life Lessons that can't be learned in a closed room. It does not get better than this as the Students will be encouraged to participate in one of the sports selected by the school, our professional trainers will train the school trainers and help in conducting the intra-school and inter-school leagues/tournaments.

Why Sports


There are umpteen reasons to play a sport beyond the visible and obvious reason - the physical fitness! Sport not only gives health benefits but it helps in learning precious life lessons, boosts confidence, improves leadership qualities, helps find new mates, elevates mood, improves self-esteem, improves metabolism among a plethora of other benefits. Read more 

More Power to Girls


Women are flying commercial and combat planes, they are there in space programs, they're driving metro trains, they're chairpersons in top MNCs, they're leading the nations, they march shoulder to shoulder with fellow Army men. Girls are no less than boys, then why not play along with boys as a team? For the first time ever, we're going to create Unisex Training Programs & Leagues for the all-new Uni-Spirit!

Delivering the Uni Spirit


The sports will be on field module and our top-notch professional trainers will coordinate with school trainers to chalk out the training schedules, help in creating intra-school teams, impart training to the unisex teams, take the students to the next level so that they are ready to play newly formed Unisex Intra and Inter-School Leagues and experience the all-new Uni-Spirit! Children - are you excited? Get enrolled here.

Life Skills

What Are They?


 Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable humans to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. Reading books alone can't guarantee success. In fact, there are numerous examples of people with great degrees failing in Life and college dropouts successfully creating biggest corporate empires. Good news is that these skills can be acquired! Our Life Skills training program will equip you to face the toughest exam called - Life! 



 The Life Skills Module is based on the core topics suggested by WHO. These modules will be taken up by the Domain Experts (professionals) via Videoconferencing or pre-recorded sessions that would last up to 30 minutes. We will also strive to conduct face-to-face seminars, wherever possible once during the academic year. Students will be able to Chat with experts for any query using the messaging option in the Website. 

Going the Extra Mile


 "Ignorance is bliss" is an old English Idiom that most Indian parents and teachers like to believe in and no one likes to talk about the relevant topics like NO Means NO, Assertiveness (How to say NO), Respecting Women, How to Handle a Bully/Tackling Cyber bullying among others. We're going to cover all these & more and will not shy away from the responsibility of inculcating Moral Values among children! Children can also Chat with the experts anytime for anything! 

Nāda Yoga

What's that?


Ancient Indian teachings say the whole world emerged from the original sound: the sound of creation. Nāda Yoga is a metaphysical system that is based on the belief that the entire cosmos and all that exists in the cosmos, including human beings, consists of sound vibrations, called nāda. Quantum physics has now proven what these spiritual masters knew, that matter and sound are intimately connected.  In simple words, Nāda Yoga is meditation through music.

Why Nāda Yoga?


Today, we all are facing the immense number of distractions that never existed until a few years ago. These distractions come from everywhere like social media, gaming addiction, TV, webcast, video streaming to name a few. These distractions adversely affect all of us but children are harmed tremendously as they have an added pressure to do well in studies. Nāda Yoga is very effective in tackling these distractions and most importantly, it will inculcate a sense of happiness, harmony & discipline among the children.

The Obvious Benefits


Nāda Yoga is proven to help a great deal in:

- Calming body, mind, and soul.  

- Increased access to the subconscious mind, enhanced focus/concentration, and thinking capacity

- De-addiction from the screen-time 

- Reduces anxiety, fear, and aggressiveness 

- Reduces depressive/negative thoughts and cultivates joy, happiness, and harmony

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What's That?


Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial or social gain "to benefit another person, group or organization". India is one of the youngest nations in the world but unfortunately, the children have negligible exposure to Volunteering owing to neglect by the schools, parents and the society in general. Whereas, Volunteering is highly rewarded, regarded and promoted among school children in the West, where they are encouraged to join a charity that's related to the cause they care about.



There are infinite good reasons for Volunteering - helps you build new relationships, find new like-minded friends, it helps in handling stress, anger & anxiety, it provides a sense of purpose and makes you happy among others. Also, Volunteering effectively helps in Social & Emotional Development. The reasons are many (read more here) but the most important reason that you might not find in any article anywhere is that it makes you more humane, compassionate and a selfless loving person! And the world is in dire need of such compassionate and loving people! 



The Volunteering Module will be delivered via Videoconferencing as well as field visits. Our domain experts will coordinate with the school to chalk out a strategy so that every child is able to find the cause that is most appealing to them. Our experts will collaborate with charities and connect the schools to them. Thereafter, teams headed by the school teachers would be created for the field visits. This will be an ongoing engagement throughout the year and this will mark the 360-degree child development aka Complete Education!